Back In The Game: This Blog Is Happening...Again. / by Olivia Hall

So you know when you are trying to write and type something that is just so gross and maybe a bit mean and you think "Delete that you psycho, you'll never work again if you casually talk about ripping out a Prince Albert with your teeth"? 

I know it's not just me.

I've been writing a ton in the past year and due to my own personal and financial fears I toned my voice down a bit. Shit dog, unless you've got a book deal, nobody wants to hear your deep dark unless it is cute and just edgy enough to keep the advertisers feeling buy-y. 

So, I'm starting to write for myself, if only to get out the grossness that I delete from the stuff I actually get paid for.  As a great editor once said to me "You have no regard for punctuation but your voice is so loveable it doesn't matter." And thus began a blog with no regard for punctuation and a completely un-loveable voice. 

I'm grossly inconsistent but maybe this will help me stay on my toes. Maybe this will be the only thing I ever post. Who cares! It's free! Isn't that what the internet is all about?!